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ALFAA Dress Code Standard


Students are expected to follow the dress standard policy. Since we are encouraging improving dress, students who choose to dress up or wear the following clothing within the appropriate dress colors and lengths will be determined to be in compliance with the dress code:

  • Shirts: red, white, navy blue, light blue, gray, black - polo style shirt or blouse. All students are required to tuck in their shirts.

  • Pants/skirts/shorts: navy blue, khaki, black – shorts should be knee length and shirts should be long enough to cover the abdomen. 

  • Belts should be worn to ensure a proper fit. No sagging of any kind will be accepted.

  • Footwear: No backless shoes are allowed! Crocs are NOT allowed.

  • Outerwear: Pullover hoodies without a zipper/buttons are not allowed.

  • Backpacks: ALL backpacks must be clear.


  • Student dress code violations will be addressed on a case-to-case basis as to appropriate consequences which may include, after school detention, all day in-school suspension (ISS) or temporary removal from class until a parent or parent designee brings appropriate change of clothing and suspension pending parent conference with an assistant principal. 

  • Repeated dress code offenses will result in progressive disciplinary action as determined by campus administration. 

  • Appropriate discipline procedures shall be followed in all cases in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.